Thursday, January 22, 2009


As the first post on this Blog, I wish to acknowledge all of the other restorations taking place by van owners around the globe. I almost feel guilty when I speak of restoring Bugly and I look at the condition of some of the other Morris J, JB and Austin 101 vans under restoration and repair. Taking Victoria in Canada as a typical example, her restoration will be a monumental task indeed. But I guess the body and mechanical parts are all made of steel, so what is missing can be manufactured. Thank God for people like Iain McKenzie of Fairmile Restorations! I too am looking at obtaining some parts from Iain, as I only realised the other day that Bugly has no rear wings! The assistance advice and guidance provided by other van owners is also acknowledged, in the manner of photos, measurements and advice. All help to make the restoration task a little less daunting.

Undeniably, my inspiration is Graham's LDG584. As can be seen by the photos that Graham posted on the MCJTV site, LDG was certainly transformed into quite a show-piece!