Sunday, March 29, 2009

Look what I found on YouTube!

In "googling" around for Morris J Van information, I found this on YouTube ... it is the very photostory I compiled based on photos of LDG584's restoration supplied by Graham, the previous owner. I had sent Graham the photostory, and I guess he must have posted it on YouTube. An earlier post on this Blog shows that LDG584 is certainly an inspiration!

Although I can't claim ownership of the original individual photos, I can certainly claim ownership of the moving photo montage on YouTube set to the sound track "I'm So Excited!"

For the story of LDG584's restoration, visit Magpie's Blog at

Monday, March 23, 2009

Removing the Doors

I managed to spend a couple of hours on Bugly in the weekend. I removed the rear doors, and started removing the sliding door cover panels. As predicted, most of the cheese-head bolts unscrewed OK, but there were a couple of stubborn ones. Murphy's Law, I suppose. I may yet have to cut the bolts off, but I'll try some more yet with WD40 soaking into the threads.
A previous owner (presumably the bakery) had installed vents in the outside of the rear doors, and drilled lots of holes on the inside for ventilation. These will now need to be repaired, so will be a great chance to christen the MIG welder.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bugly's Restoration has Commenced

The shed is cleaned out, Bugly was parked in it this afternoon, and the fun begins!

I have stripped the chrome trim off the front grille, and it will be sent south to 'A Class Metal Finishers' in Adelaide for restoration. There are quite a few rust holes to be repaired, but the trim itself is quite straight. The front panel has quite a few rust holes along the bottom, and where the chrome trim was bolted on. The previous owners 'cosmetic touch-up' hid much of this with a not-so-perfect bog job, so all the filler will need to be removed in order for the damaged sections to be re-metalled. There is enough of the original struts and brackets left to be able to remake new bits.

I received a Lincoln PowerMIG 180C last Christmas, so now I need to learn how to drive it!