Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bugly's Restoration has Commenced

The shed is cleaned out, Bugly was parked in it this afternoon, and the fun begins!

I have stripped the chrome trim off the front grille, and it will be sent south to 'A Class Metal Finishers' in Adelaide for restoration. There are quite a few rust holes to be repaired, but the trim itself is quite straight. The front panel has quite a few rust holes along the bottom, and where the chrome trim was bolted on. The previous owners 'cosmetic touch-up' hid much of this with a not-so-perfect bog job, so all the filler will need to be removed in order for the damaged sections to be re-metalled. There is enough of the original struts and brackets left to be able to remake new bits.

I received a Lincoln PowerMIG 180C last Christmas, so now I need to learn how to drive it!

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