Friday, April 10, 2009

New (?) J-Van on eBay

On eBay at the moment there is a J-Van from Cairns, in Queensland Australia. The starting price is A$100 (GBP46.59) and the description reads:

Here we have a slightly weathered Morris j van.
It has a 4 cylinder side-valve engine and a 3 speed gearbox.
The chassis is in excellent condition but the body is quite rusty as you can see in the picture.
There are quite a few new panels that the previous owner had fabricated and was going to use in a restoration project that ground to a halt before I acquired it.
Also not shown in the picture and included are the rear doors, side doors plus numerous other bits and pieces.
It would not be out of the question for a really keen enthusiast to restore, however it would be a big job indeed!!
As is where is.
Happy bidding!!

Yes, it would be a big restoration but no, not impossible! Value in spares for Bugly? As Bugly is a JB Van, the value is in other than the engine and gearbox. But Cairns is more than 3000km away! Might let this one go.

It demonstrates that they are still out there though!

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