Saturday, April 11, 2009

Right Side Door Off

All was quiet on the fire front today, so I was able to take the right side cover panel and door off Bugly. This side too had had a previous rust repair on the lower side panel, and not too tidily done on the inside. Both sides appear to have had their repairs undertaken without the sliding doors being removed, so it ended up being just a cosmetic repair on the outside of the van. This side too will be redone.

While the drivers door was off, I noticed a dent right on the horizontal swage, which had been 'bogged' on the outside to hide it. The outside also showed a longitudinal depression on the swage line, which extended through the repaired dent. By removing the filler in the dent, I was able to panelbeat the swage back to an almost perfect alignment. Very pleasing.

Now that the cover panels, sliding doors and tracks are removed, I can start on a few simple panel repairs. This will allow me then to paint the inside, which had been painted black. I need to paint it a light colour, to tone in with the ultimate maroon exterior (to be similar to LDG584) and to introduce a bit of light into the rear of the van.

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