Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Rusty Right-Side Sill

I had a good look under Bugly this afternoon, to check the extent of the panelwork required. The right sill needs to be reconstructed with the lower side panel, to remove all of the rust that was simply panelled over. The biggest challenge is trying to figure out what was original and what was repaired, and then deciphering where it goes and how far.

The photo above is of the inside of the right sill, immediately in front of the rear wheel arch, looking towards the outside. Evident is the rusted out support channel, with the two bolts vertically in line. To the outside of this is the original outer panel which is rusted out on the bottom. To the outside of the original panel is the repair, simply welded to the original (the weld is visible at the top of the photo). The repair is bent at 90 degrees at the bottom, and tack welded to what's left of the original panel.

I am making an assumption that the original outer side panel had a flange at 90 degrees at the bottom which was bolted to the support channel (evident in the photo with the two bolts horizontally in line). Can some kind soul please confirm that this is correct? And of the length of the turned-under flange?

Also, can somebody please advise whether the sliding door recess has an open pocket below the track, just inside of the outer side panel? If this is so, it must fill up with debris (or water in heavy rain) and would need to drain somewhere. Does this drain to the rear, coming out where the support channel ends in the photo? Or is it supposed to be a sealed sill area, with any debris or water draining forward to the step?

Any comment would be much appreciated.

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