Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glass-out Restoration

Ok Mr Magpie, you've shamed me ... I have been a bit slow posting, but not much has happened lately.

I spent a little time on Bugly last weekend and removed the left and right quarter-light windows. I have decided to do a "window out" restoration, and also a "roof off" one as well. I was originally just going to tidy Bugly's body up, but I have now realised that for it to be done properly it needs to be brought back to the window and roof frames before preparation and painting. Guaranteed weatherproof then.

I have decided to manufacture bumpers front and rear in 50mm x 50mm galvanised SHS, to help protect the body from accidental damage. The rear bumper will also support a bracket on each end in which the tail/brake and indicator lights can be mounted on each end, along with a reflector. I should be able to retain the original number plate mounting and light in the centre. If the bottom of the front bumper is at the same level as the bottom of the front valance panel, I will still be able to hand-crank the engine.

The bumpers, being galvanised, can be powdercoated in black and should look quite smart set off against the (future) maroon body colour.

Still awaiting Iain (Fairmile Restorations) to manufacture a set of rear wings, and also the door shut sections for each side. Must be getting closer!

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  1. Hi Bugly,
    Sorry about my comments, all you other J type bloggers seem to have given up, now I know a couple of us J owners have had problems, a very nasty car accident in one case but I was getting eager to see what all the other good people were up to. Maybe it's just the lack of a J type around thats doing it. On that front OBL432 Old Black Lump,or obble as he is sometimes called is nearly finished. The body shop are going to get him road legal again. Take him for his yearly MOT on Friday, so I should have some great news shortly. Then I have only to go and get him, it would be a nice drive back, about 190 miles We shall see how he does on Friday, fingers crossed. Looking forward to seeing your bumpers Bugly, all the best magpie.