Monday, August 17, 2009

The Other Morris Badge

As mentioned in the post below, I managed to find a flat chrome badge very similar in style to the front "Morris" badge. This will be fixed to the bottom right of the right rear door.

Two questions to all the J-Van enthusiasts out there:

1. Does anybody know what this badge is off?
2. If the J-Van front badge has a yellow background, should I paint the background of this one yellow too? It will be fixed to a maroon body, similar in colour to LDG584.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Morris Badge

Couldn't help myself ... I just had to show off the new (re-chromed) Morris badge. I managed to find another chrome badge very similar in style, but which was made as a flat badge. I will fix this to the bottom right of the right rear door, for without it nobody will pick Bugly to be a Morris from the back.

While the badge for the rear is in great condition, I will now need to get it re-chromed to match the condition of the badge in front.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bugly's Grille Chrome

I received a package in yesterday's mail ... Bugly's grille chrome trim was back from "A Class Metal Finishers" in Adelaide. What a difference! When I sent the three trim pieces and the Morris badge down for repair and re-chroming, I was hopeful (but not really confident) that they would be able to be properly restored. But how wrong was I!

The strips have come up like new, in fact with the re-metalling, coppering and chroming done, they are probably better than new, as there would be a greater depth of treatment than originally applied. I was also more than happy with the price of A$616, considering the condition of the trim ... A$220 for repairs, A$176 for stripping and polishing, and A$220 for chroming.

I will wait for the grill to be repaired and painted before I show off the chrome - it really will be the icing on the cake!