Friday, August 7, 2009

Bugly's Grille Chrome

I received a package in yesterday's mail ... Bugly's grille chrome trim was back from "A Class Metal Finishers" in Adelaide. What a difference! When I sent the three trim pieces and the Morris badge down for repair and re-chroming, I was hopeful (but not really confident) that they would be able to be properly restored. But how wrong was I!

The strips have come up like new, in fact with the re-metalling, coppering and chroming done, they are probably better than new, as there would be a greater depth of treatment than originally applied. I was also more than happy with the price of A$616, considering the condition of the trim ... A$220 for repairs, A$176 for stripping and polishing, and A$220 for chroming.

I will wait for the grill to be repaired and painted before I show off the chrome - it really will be the icing on the cake!


  1. Hi bugly, Very interested in this firm of yours, could they make a set of trims? or a few sets? Over here good chrome trim is very rare, mine are rusty and filled and then painted with silver paint! Oh to have a decent set. Could you sound them out for me, I might even consider sending you a very poor set to see what your metal wizards could do with them.
    Keep up the good work, magpie.

  2. Hi Mr Magpie!

    Have a look at the website for A Class Metal Finishers at to see what they can do. They quite likely won't manufacture a set of trims, but after seeing what they did on mine, I am sure that they can repair a pretty ordinary-looking set. Bear in mind that the final cost is all time-based.

    There are three standards of repair. I chose the "A+" standard which is not concourse, but is certainly (in my view) perfect for Bugly.

    If you email me a photo of the trim, I'll compare it to Bugly's original and make comment. I certainly don't mind helping you with the re-chroming, but it may be just as easy to deal with A Class direct. As they are understandably exceptionally busy they can be a bit slow.

    And I guess I can post a photo on the blog of the new chrome bits!

    Cheers - Bugly