Monday, August 17, 2009

The Other Morris Badge

As mentioned in the post below, I managed to find a flat chrome badge very similar in style to the front "Morris" badge. This will be fixed to the bottom right of the right rear door.

Two questions to all the J-Van enthusiasts out there:

1. Does anybody know what this badge is off?
2. If the J-Van front badge has a yellow background, should I paint the background of this one yellow too? It will be fixed to a maroon body, similar in colour to LDG584.

Your comments would be appreciated.


  1. hi mate, light yellow/straw background. What size is the rear badge? Is it totally flat?
    Pressed tin or brass?
    Magpie.. I do check in every tweo days to see what your up to!!

  2. Hi Mr Magpie -

    The badge is chrome plated pressed brass, and is flat across the back. It is straight along the top edge, and bowed down slightly (less that 1/8 inch) along the bottom. The badge is 200mm long by 30mm high and has two fixing studs at the rear. Looks to be of the 1950s era, as by the 1960s badges were mainly cast and become quite ornate.

  3. It would seem this is a badge off a Morris J2, well thats what they were called over here. Very similar to the correct J badge but on a J it is fixed with two screws and not pins. magpie (on holiday)