Saturday, September 26, 2009

Truman's for Sale in the UK

Listed today on eBay in the UK is Truman's 1958 JB Van. Starting at a low £0.99 and with an unknown reserve, after 4 bids the van is already up to £2550.00. This van is the same year/model as Bugly, and has been stripped completely before an in-depth rebuilding commenced.

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The seller states: "Here we have for sale is potentially one of the best and original J Types you'll find anywhere - my beloved Truman's delivery van. Owned by me for the last four years, but now due to a change in personal circumstances I need to allow someone else to finish the old man off. Here's the deal... 1958 Morris JB van, released following 38 years of captivity acting as a donor vehicle for another JB van, which were both owned by Lester Stock from Croydon. Fortunately Mr. Stock never actually removed much from Truman's, so following his sad death in 2005, I was able to take this project on.

Upon removal from the garage in Carshalton Surrey, Truman's was despatched to Fairmile Restorations in Worcestershire for some relatively minor surgery to the bottom nine inches of the side and rear bodywork. Ian form Fairmile said to me at the time that he had never seen a better and more original van - the front end in particular was very well preserved. The van was purchased in 1958 as a delivery van for a Truman's and Schweppes franchise off-licence in Tadworth Surrey. I can give the whole history to the winning bidder - there's a fair bit of it!

Whilst the van was away, I set about dismantling and rebuilding the engine. Upon investigation, it was found that the bores were a little worn, so some +20 thou NOS pistons were sourced, cylinders re-bored, hardened valve seats fitted, new big ends, bearings, crankshaft checked, then reassembled getting as near back to original as possible. Other items sorted out were: The distributor was sent away for refurbishment, NOS cap fitted, dynamo rebuilt, starter motor rebuilt, New regulator (with original lid), new LA12 coil, plugs, NOS Champion plug ends, new AUA66 fuel pump, original Solex carb rebuilt, original air cleaner set-up, gearbox professionally rebuilt, new gearbox to chassis bolt machined up, new clutch, rear axle totally rebuilt, four brand new leafsprings from Brost Forge, new shackle pins all round, new axle u-bolts all round, new UJ and balanced propshaft, engine mountings, rebuilt water pump, rebuilt original brake and clutch master cylinders (not Morris Minor substitutes), clutch slave, new brake pipes (not yet fitted), new handbrake cables, new wheel cylinders, brake shoes all round, new kingpins, all trackrod ends, steering box rebuilt, radiator re-cored, new wiring harness purchased from Autosparks (fitted), all gauges restored professionally, All new NOS switches/lights, As you can see from the pictures, most of these items are fitted.

Other work done to Truman's includes full re-paint of the interior using Tekaloid coach enamel (as per original), new sub-frame for the rear floor, sliding door mechanism re-built, passenger seat sourced, full set of wheels, a NOS set of rear doors. All removable panels (front panel, front doors, front/rear wings and rear doors) have been professionally prepared and resprayed in mid-brunswick green, in readiness for the rest of the van to be done. To the best of my knowledge, you have no more mechanical parts to buy or source for Truman's, and all handles, trims, switches and badges are present and provided. Sorry, but I'm not interested in splitting anything away from the van, so please don't ask! I have an extensive photographic record of the restoration so far, which will be included, and also an online blog covering my work so far. Find it here... .

OK, so work to be done to finish is: body respray, brake pipes, connect everything up and away you go. The van has a decent number plate, which I have attempted through the MO & 6/80 club to retain, and as yet I've been unable to convince DVLA to re-issue it. However, I have other avenues to explore on this, and I can assist with this part of the project. This van is advertised elsewhere, and I reserve the right to withdraw this item at anytime. I'd like a £200 deposit within 24 hours of auction end, plus balance (cleared funds or cash within a week). Obviously, you'll need to trailer this lovely van away, but I can assist in this if need be, as cost. No scammers or tyre kickers please. The van is located in South East London, 10 minutes from M25 junction 4. Please contact me either through member contact or on 07590 541 311 (sane times only please!) Happy bidding!"

Good luck Truman's! I'm picking that you have a high reserve, but that you will also make a sale.

This van is truly a little gem in disguise!

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