Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starting the restoration soon!

Bugly's restoration will start real soon! Darwin has nearly finished the worst of the wet season with the high humidity, so panel and paint will be able to be done without the humidity problems.

Also I'm hoping that the rear wings and the door shut sections will finally be manufactured and shipped from Iain McKenzie of Fairmile Restorations in the UK. Iain has finished making panels for Charlie in Canada and despatched them, so I'm hoping that my turn is next. I know that Iain is a follower of this blog, so maybe he will see this post! Please, Iain?

The workshop has been cleared to provide additional working room, and there's not a lot to stop me starting, except time to do it. But I am finishing off a few other odds and sods to allow me more free time! And with the onset of the north Australian "dry season", the grass will die off until next season, which will save mowing for 6-8 months or so.

But the biggest bonus of all is with my recent weight loss program "Bugly - Wannabe Loser". I can now fit under Bugly!

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  1. Great! Keep up the posts on Bugly.

    Looking forward to reading the progress.