Monday, April 5, 2010

Ring gear and flywheel on

Had a win today. Used the oxy-acetylene to heat the incorrectly positioned ring gear, but being a tight fit as I heated the ring, so too the flywheel was heated. Stalemate situation.

I flipped the flywheel over, and drove the ring gear off with a punch, working slowly around the perimeter, and gaining a fraction at a time. Once the ring gear dropped off, we preheated the kitchen gas oven (the one I should have used yesterday) to 260 degrees centigrade, placed the ring about mid-oven, and turned on the fan. The ring gear was placed the right way up in the oven to fit straight on to the flywheel, which was sitting on the kitchen bench.

After 10 minutes I donned a pair of welding gloves, took the ring from the oven and placed it on the flywheel, where it sat down perfectly on the rebated seat exactly where it was supposed to sit! Sooo easy! Within about 5-10 seconds of sitting on the colder flywheel, the ring gear cooled and contracted sufficiently to grab tight.

Once it all cooled again, I mounted it back on the rear of the engine, and torqued the flywheel bolts to 4.8kg/m like the good book said. The lock tabs were then set against the flywheel nuts.

Compare todays photo with yesterdays photo and see what a great difference there is!

I checked the propellor shaft in the end of the gearbox extension for wear in the rear bush, and there was no detectable movement in the joint. So it looks like I just need the oil seal to make this task complete!

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