Sunday, April 11, 2010

A week of buying!

This week I have bought a few items required both for the reassembly of the gearbox, and to fit missing parts. Most were sourced as MGA spare parts.

From Moss Motors USA, a new clutch plate, a clutch alignment tool, a rubber clutch lever boot, a rear gearbox extension oil seal, and a rubber boot and fixing ring for the gear shift lever.

From eBay USA, a rebuilt clutch plate and pressure plate to keep as a spare set

From eBay UK, a NOS 9-tooth starter pinion to suit the M35G starter motor. This will put a new pinion on the starter to match the new ring gear on the flywheel that was fitted last week

From Bull Motif Spares UK, a dust cap to fit the clutch inspection hole in the gearbox casing. This is a bit of a punt as it is a Morris Minor part, but the cover in the picture looks to be the same shape as my hole, and perhaps it is the same

From LRSeries shop (Land Rover Spares UK), 4 engine mounts type NRC2054. One of mine requires replacement (the difficult one of course, under the manifold) so this will give me 3 spares. I'll fit the engine mount while the gearbox is off the motor, it might make it a bit more manouverable

From eBay Oz, 6 rubber boots to suit Morris/Austin brake and clutch master cylinders

This weekend was spent cleaning up parts, and wire-brushing and painting with Wattyl Killrust epoxy enamel (I love Killrust, it's a great paint system!) The gearbox received a coat of Killrust etch primer, and then a coat of Killrust epoxy enamel in mid-Brunswick Green to match the engine.

I inspected the driveshaft, and all looks good. There is no apparent wear in the universal joints, and both ends were cleaned and greased, followed by a coat of Killrust in black.

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