Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clutch slave cylinder

In a post on the weekend, I said that I was looking for a new rubber boot for the slave cylinder, and wouldn't mind a service kit if anybody knew what the unit actually was, and who stocked the kits.

Well, to answer my own question (sort of like talking to yourself, isn't it?) I looked up the MG Owners Club Spares website at http://www.mgocspares.co.uk and found that the Morris JB clutch slave cylinder is probably the same as fitted to the MGA. This is logical, as the MGA used the same engine and gearbox, so why not the same clutch slave cylinder? The master cylinders are different, as the MGA one is mounted up above the pedals. Here's a link to the spares page on the website for those who are interested: http://www.mgocspares.co.uk/acatalog/MGOC_Spares_PIPES_HOSES__MGA__257.html

I have tonight ordered an Item 54 - Repair Kit - Slave Cylinder GRK4016 for GBP 3.36 from MGOCSpares. I still haven't checked the clutch fluid, but I still need the rubber boot anyway!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bugly's motor is purring!

Have a listen to this photo of Bugly, can you hear the engine purring away? After I started her up late this afternoon, she ran a little ragged for a short time as it had been sitting so long, but after a few minutes it evened out and ran sooo smoothly! I took it up to running temperature and it held at 40 psi oil pressure all that time, so I'm pleased with that. Then it ran out of fuel ... I knew it was low, as the electric fuel pump started to pump overtime! I put some more fuel in it, and found that the fuel pump had stopped working. So I guess the fuel pump is my next chore.

I also noticed that the clutch slave cylinder is not working, but whether this is a slave or master cylinder problem I don't yet know. I haven't even checked the clutch fluid level yet! I am looking for a new rubber boot for the slave cylinder, and wouldn't mind a service kit if anybody knows what the unit actually is, and who stocks the kits.

Here's a neat little trick!

There is a clutch inspection opening in the top of the gearbox bell-housing. Originally there may (or may not) have been a rubber blanking plug to cover the hole, but I haven't been able to find a suitable one of the right size.

And my neat little plug to blank the hole!

I had bought a "gearbox top dust cover" from Bull Motif Spares (www.morrisminorspares.net) part number 10G200, on the off-chance that it would fit Bugly's bell housing inspection opening. Alas, it was way too big, and I haven't been able to find a suitable plug of the correct size.

Then like a flash ... a brainwave! (I still get them occasionally, they help keep the Alzheimers at bay!) Instead of putting up with a gaping inspection opening, I was more than happy to cut down the AU $6.08 rubber plug and insert it into the hole in two halves! Covers the opening nicely! I guess if I use any rubber sealant later on the window rubbers, I might even seal up the joint in the cap halves!

New gearbox mounts

The new gearbox mounts have certainly stabilised the engine and gearbox, and have lifted the tail end of the gearbox considerably. It can be seen in the photo of the old mounts that the rear gearbox extension was in fact resting on the cross member. It had actually worn through the lower gearbox mounting bracket fixing nut on the right side, and half worn away the left side!

Looks good now though!

And how they looked not so very long ago!

New engine mounts

Wow, what a difference! Here are photos of the new engine mounts, and then the original mounts. To have lasted 52 years they were obviously made with the best of British steel, and India rubber!

Note that at the time of the photo I still had to tighten the nut on the top of the right mount.

The engine mounts are identical to Land Rover 1954-58 engine and 1958-84 gearbox rubber mountings. Part number is NRC2053, and after-market mounts are available. Mine were the after-market ones.

The original mounts are stamped with the part number "M105"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gearbox installed

I managed to install the gearbox into Bugly today. Originally I was going to change over the engine mounts before I bolted the gearbox up, but the engine was too unstable not having a rear support. So I changed my mind and have bolted the two together.

The left hand engine mount is a curse to take apart with the engine and radiator in position, as there is room for either a hand or a spanner, not both. I figured that an alternative method was to remove the mounting bracket from the top of the rubber mount, and then take the mount off the top of the lower mounting bracket.

In the end I ran out of time, so I'll have to come back to this job later. Meantime, the new rubber gearbox mounts look great! The gearbox mounts are identical to engine mounts for Morris Minor, 1100, 1300, Marina, MG Midget, Austin A30, A35, A40 and quite a few other models, so are readily available. I bought mine off eBay a while back for around GBP 10.00 for the pair.

Clutch in, gearbox ready to go in

I had some time yesterday, so I bolted the clutch back onto the flywheel, using the 10-spline clutch aligning tool purchased from Moss Motors USA. This was part number 387-250 and retailed for US$4.95, so was a "must have" at that price!

The nut welded to the left-side gearbox mount was missing, so a new one was sourced and welded to the bracket before painting. I believe that many of the bolts and nuts used on the factory assembly of the vehicle had Whitworth threads, which are now almost unobtainable. The closest is UNF, but it is not a match.

If I have time today, I will mount the gearbox.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The parts have all arrived!

All MGA spare parts ordered last April have now arrived.

In the end, Moss Motors USA were out of stock of the rear gearbox extension oil seal, so I sourced this from the "The Little British Car Company" in the US. It was part number 120-400 (RTC447A) and was fitted to the gearbox entension tonight. Looks good!

The new clutch plate from Moss Motors USA will be used, and the rebuilt clutch plate and pressure plate from eBay USA will be kept as a spare set. The boot for the clutch fork is spot-on!

The NOS 9-tooth starter pinion to suit the M35G starter motor is by comparison not so different from the existing pinion, so I will store this away as a spare, and use the existing one. I know it works, but have yet to try it on the new ring gear.

The dust cap to fit the clutch inspection hole in the gearbox casing bought from Bull Motif Spares UK, was in the end not the correct size, but never mind. I might find somebody with a Morris Minor who needs one.

In the mail today from the LRSeries shop (Land Rover Spares UK), 4 engine mounts type NRC2054 arrived. I'll replace both engine mounts so I know they're good, and put two away as spare parts. I'm convinced that the left side mount deteriorated due to the oil dripping from the oil-bath air cleaner, so it was a good move replacing it with my Donaldson arrangement. I'll fit the engine mounts while the gearbox is still off the motor.

This weekend I will be tied up on-call with the volunteer fire brigade, so I don't know how far I'll get with putting Bugly together again.