Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bugly's motor is purring!

Have a listen to this photo of Bugly, can you hear the engine purring away? After I started her up late this afternoon, she ran a little ragged for a short time as it had been sitting so long, but after a few minutes it evened out and ran sooo smoothly! I took it up to running temperature and it held at 40 psi oil pressure all that time, so I'm pleased with that. Then it ran out of fuel ... I knew it was low, as the electric fuel pump started to pump overtime! I put some more fuel in it, and found that the fuel pump had stopped working. So I guess the fuel pump is my next chore.

I also noticed that the clutch slave cylinder is not working, but whether this is a slave or master cylinder problem I don't yet know. I haven't even checked the clutch fluid level yet! I am looking for a new rubber boot for the slave cylinder, and wouldn't mind a service kit if anybody knows what the unit actually is, and who stocks the kits.

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