Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clutch slave cylinder

In a post on the weekend, I said that I was looking for a new rubber boot for the slave cylinder, and wouldn't mind a service kit if anybody knew what the unit actually was, and who stocked the kits.

Well, to answer my own question (sort of like talking to yourself, isn't it?) I looked up the MG Owners Club Spares website at http://www.mgocspares.co.uk and found that the Morris JB clutch slave cylinder is probably the same as fitted to the MGA. This is logical, as the MGA used the same engine and gearbox, so why not the same clutch slave cylinder? The master cylinders are different, as the MGA one is mounted up above the pedals. Here's a link to the spares page on the website for those who are interested: http://www.mgocspares.co.uk/acatalog/MGOC_Spares_PIPES_HOSES__MGA__257.html

I have tonight ordered an Item 54 - Repair Kit - Slave Cylinder GRK4016 for GBP 3.36 from MGOCSpares. I still haven't checked the clutch fluid, but I still need the rubber boot anyway!

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