Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gearbox installed

I managed to install the gearbox into Bugly today. Originally I was going to change over the engine mounts before I bolted the gearbox up, but the engine was too unstable not having a rear support. So I changed my mind and have bolted the two together.

The left hand engine mount is a curse to take apart with the engine and radiator in position, as there is room for either a hand or a spanner, not both. I figured that an alternative method was to remove the mounting bracket from the top of the rubber mount, and then take the mount off the top of the lower mounting bracket.

In the end I ran out of time, so I'll have to come back to this job later. Meantime, the new rubber gearbox mounts look great! The gearbox mounts are identical to engine mounts for Morris Minor, 1100, 1300, Marina, MG Midget, Austin A30, A35, A40 and quite a few other models, so are readily available. I bought mine off eBay a while back for around GBP 10.00 for the pair.

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