Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The parts have all arrived!

All MGA spare parts ordered last April have now arrived.

In the end, Moss Motors USA were out of stock of the rear gearbox extension oil seal, so I sourced this from the "The Little British Car Company" in the US. It was part number 120-400 (RTC447A) and was fitted to the gearbox entension tonight. Looks good!

The new clutch plate from Moss Motors USA will be used, and the rebuilt clutch plate and pressure plate from eBay USA will be kept as a spare set. The boot for the clutch fork is spot-on!

The NOS 9-tooth starter pinion to suit the M35G starter motor is by comparison not so different from the existing pinion, so I will store this away as a spare, and use the existing one. I know it works, but have yet to try it on the new ring gear.

The dust cap to fit the clutch inspection hole in the gearbox casing bought from Bull Motif Spares UK, was in the end not the correct size, but never mind. I might find somebody with a Morris Minor who needs one.

In the mail today from the LRSeries shop (Land Rover Spares UK), 4 engine mounts type NRC2054 arrived. I'll replace both engine mounts so I know they're good, and put two away as spare parts. I'm convinced that the left side mount deteriorated due to the oil dripping from the oil-bath air cleaner, so it was a good move replacing it with my Donaldson arrangement. I'll fit the engine mounts while the gearbox is still off the motor.

This weekend I will be tied up on-call with the volunteer fire brigade, so I don't know how far I'll get with putting Bugly together again.

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  1. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the tips on where you got the bits. I need a clutch fork rubber boot...