Sunday, June 6, 2010

Clutch slave cylinder again

I had a bit of spare time today between other chores (truth is whenever SWMBO came looking for me I had snuck back into the shed!) so I decided to strip down the clutch slave cylinder. The piston inside refused to budge, little wonder the clutch never worked. There was much prodding, blowing with compressed air and tapping the unit on a piece of timber before the piston finally moved. After the unit was finally stripped and cleaned, I found that the bore was corroded part way down, about where the seal would slide. A bit of gentle work with some 80 grit wet-and-dry paper got rid of the corrosion and all is now free and ready for reassembly.

Alas, I also found that the rubber hose from the master cylinder pipe to the slave cylinder was quite perished, so I have decided to replace this before I put it all back together. So another parts order tonight from MG Owners Club Spares! I would probably save a fortune in postage if I waited and compiled a list of parts and got them all shipped together!

With re-kitted master and slave cylinders and the new rubber hose I really must consider using the DOT 5 silicone brake fluid in the clutch system. Apparently this fluid is much better for the seals and rubber hoses, and helps to counter the effects of corrosion in the system. It cannot be used with the DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluids though, so can only be used where the system has been completely stripped, cleaned and flushed, and new seals and rubber hoses installed.

Edit (the next day): After reading a bit more on DOT 5 brake fluid, I don't think that I'll gain much advantage by using it, so I will stick with DOT 4. No chance then of possible mistaken cross-contamination.

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