Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clutch and brakes again

While I was waiting for the clutch hose to arrive (the one between the master cylinder and slave cylinder) I removed both the clutch and brake pedal assemblies. They had quite a lot of play about the pivot shafts, and I wanted to see what I needed to do to remove some of the slop in the pedal pivot.

I dropped both units off to Justin of JNL Crankshaft Services in Palmerston, who was only too happy to make up a bush for the pivot shaft if necessary. In the end it was a simple repair, as once stripped down it was found to be already bushed. The bush was a standard size and able to be simply replaced. So no more slop!

This afternoon I finally refitted the pedal assemblies, which allowed me to also continue with the clutch and brake master cylinder installation. After filling with hydraulic fluid I pumped the pedals a few times to push out some of the air, then bled the clutch. It appears to work fine (remember, I had replaced the clutch while the gearbox was off and the ring gear replaced, but had never tried it as at the same time I had also removed the clutch master and slave cylinders).

I'll let the brake hydraulics sit a day or two before I bleed them.

JNL Crankshafts did the reconditioning work to Bugly's head a while back, and they look forward to helping with anything that may be required in Bugly's restoration. Justin says that to work on an older vehicle offers them something completely different from their normal work-day activities. It's good to know there is that sort of support out there!

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  1. It is nice when it all comes together, and works! You really feel like progress is being made.