Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New water pump fitted

I decided to have a look at Bugly's fuel pump, as it had stopped 'clacking' a while back. I also had a new water pump to fit to the engine, so out with the front panels and radiator. I was very impressed with the clarity of the radiator coolant and the state of the water galleries in the engine block - it appears that the Penrite Coolant Conditioner is really doing its job well!

Once the old pump was removed, the visible staining of the water leaking past the bearing was obvious. the area was wire-brushed and repainted with Wattyl Epoxy Gloss Enamel, as was the water pump. The new pump was fitted, and all looks good!

The SU fuel pump was removed, and the contact points were found to be quite severely pitted - little wonder it has stopped pumping! The contact points were dressed up, and refitted with the adjustment checked before the pump was refitted to Bugly. Now when the key is turned, that wonderful 'SU' sound can be clearly and strongly heard once again. The pump has a broken cover, which I will need to replace. It is stepped, and not flat like the AUA-25 pump should be, but I think that the later AUA-25 pumps had a capacitor fitted across the points, as this pump has. I don't think it is a high pressure pump, as the HP pumps had a bulge in the cap for the capacitor.


  1. Nice work, that red really stands out!

  2. Thanks mate! I like using the Wattyl Epoxy Gloss Enamel, it goes on smoothly with a paint brush, and evens out without the brush marks. The engine is Mid Brunswick Green, and the fan blade is Delicious Red. Good contrast, ay?

  3. I was thinking of painting some bike parts with wattyl epoxy gloss Mid Brunswick Green. Thanks for the pictures, they give me a good idea what it might look like. It looks very much like British racing green.