Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Even more progress

Sunday saw some more done on Bugly's engine. The timing was checked with a timing light and found to be steady at 5 degrees before TDC. The good book says 7.5 degrees, so a little tweak brought it spot-on.

I also had a slight fuel leak at the bottom of the Solex 30-AHG carburettor, so I removed it and stripped it down. Lots of jets and screws and things, but pretty basic all the same. I noticed that the float needle valve was sticking, and wouldn't shut off properly. A hit with the compressed air and operating it open and closed a few times brought it right. This would most likely have been most of my problem.

The carby was reassembled and reinstalled, and the volume control screw opemed 3/4 of a turn (this figure is not written anywhere, it came from the archive section of the memory banks and may or may not be correct. It just rang a bell is all!)

I started up Bugly again, and adjusted the idle speed ... it was running a tad fast. The fuel leak seems to be OK now. Just one remaining job to do "under the bonnet" and that is to fix a slight leak where the exhaust flange is clamped to the manifold. That's a job I'll leave for "Ron" ... later ron.


  1. Great news on the car there Bugly.

    I am just about to fiddle with my carburetor - it is the same as yours. Different problem though, she cuts out when I come to a stop at traffic lights etc. Idles fine though.


  2. Thanks for the tips you left on my blog - all I had to do was adjust that little screw on the bottom and all was well, saved pulling it apart and rebuilding it!