Thursday, September 23, 2010

New fuel pump and pre-filter

I fitted the new SU fuel pump to Bugly this afternoon, and also fitted an in-line Cooper WZ14 fuel filter. I had noticed that the old SU pump had a gauze filter on the bottom of the pump, and the fuel line to the carburettor also had a filter screen at the carby. Both were full of crud and debris, which made me decide to fit the in-line filter. Far better to remove this debris BEFORE it gets to the pump and carby.

I cut the 8mm (5/16") OD steel fuel line about 100mm before the fuel pump and connected a piece of rubber fuel hose to each section of pipe, clamping the hoses with 8mm spring clamps. Next I mounted the filter under and in front of the fuel pump, and connected the hose to it. In this location, the filter sits under the panel which crosses above the radiator and hides the engine and fuel pump. It keeps the plastic filter away from the heat of the exhaust, and may easily be serviced once the front grille panel is removed from Bugly.

A purist may say that I no longer have the fuel rising all the way to the fuel pump, as it falls back down to the filter. As the pump is a diaphragm pump, I think it should still lift the fuel OK. The next task before I test it all is to drain the fuel from the fuel tank and check this too for cleanliness. After all, don't want to clog up the new filter straight away!

The strange article above the fuel pump is the back (front?) end of my Donaldson air cleaner, and the rubber elbows connecting it to the carby air intake.


  1. Hi Mate,
    looks a fine job, a job I wish I had done a few years ago, soon after getting OBL back on the road I went down a road with traffic calming "speed humps" shook the van to bits even at very low speed, after 6 of these humps the old van died. The petrol tank had been shaken so much all the rust was now in the pump and carb fuel bowl. Even the union at the fuel tank outlet was blocked! well done, nice to see things moving on..

  2. While cleaning off the old oily and greasy buildup from the area where the new filter is mounted, the black paint came off and revealed what was the original interior enamel paint of the van. This was a beige colour, and is the same colour I will again paint the inside of Bugly. It should go well with the maroon exterior!