Saturday, September 25, 2010

Well ... didn't expect this!

I continued with Bugly's fuel modifications today. I ran a new hot wire to the pump, and connected an earth wire. I drained the petrol tank, and it was quite clean, just a bit of debris in the bottom of the bucket afterwards. Fuel back into the tank.

Then ... the moment of truth! Without the radiator installed, I started up and ran Bugly for about half a minute to 'run in' the new water pump seal. BUT WAIT! While running, there was quite a clatter heard and a vibration felt. With the new engine and gearbox mounts, everything is now sitting up higher, and the generator pulley was just touching the cross-shaft of the accelerator. I should have picked this up earlier, as the photos a couple of posts ago of the new water pump clearly shows the shaft pretty close to the generator pulley!

Simple fix though - unbolted the accelerator pedal bracket and slipped a galvanised washer under each bolt before tightening it up again. Now there is just enough clearance to miss the generator. Problem solved!


  1. Hi Mate,
    I had this problem when I fitted an alternator to OBL, the pully on the alternator is smaller so they spin faster, this made the puley touch the shaft, I fitted a smaller fan belt, but later on I changed over from rod operated throttle to a cable, this made the throttle pedal so much light. I use to get foot ache fromt the heavy throttle pedal not now. I totally removed the throttle shaft/linkage, it was badly worn in all the joints. I then fitted an SU carby, much better responce and fuel economy. All these mods can be undone as I have kept all the old parts.

  2. Gidday -
    The SU carby sounds like a good modification. What vehicle did the carby that you used come from? Presumably something that had a B-Series motor for it to fit straight on to the inlet manifold. Morris Minor? Morris Oxford?