Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fixed the fuel problem!

I was still having problems with the carby float needle valve sticking closed, shutting off the fuel supply and not allowing Bugly to start. I drained the fuel, which was very dark coloured, and a bit gummy and stale smelling. Thinking on the problem, I was pretty sure that the fuel was probably well past it's use-by date.

I replaced the fuel with a fresh supply of unleaded, and added STA-BIL fuel stabiliser. The manufacturer says: "The addition of STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser to fresh fuel will keep it fresh for 12 months. With double the recommended STA-BIL dosage fuel will remain fresh for more than 24 months. The ideal solution for cars and motorcycles not in regular use is to add STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser to a full tank of fresh fuel and be ready to go for a quick start." Good sales pitch? We'll find out!

Sounds like just the thing for an older vehicle not in regular use though! $24.95 for a 236ml bottle from SuperCheap Autos, enough to treat 74 litres of fuel at the recommended dose of 30ml per 9.4 litres.

And how did Bugly start? Instantly! And ran better than I can remember her running before! And I've still got 364 days left to use the 20 litres of fuel I put in Bugly!

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