Saturday, November 27, 2010

More on the fuel

Remember a couple of posts ago I was having problems with stale fuel? Well since I replaced the fuel with fresh unleaded fuel and added the fuel stabiliser Bugly has started absolutely effortlessly. I have been starting her up probably weekly, and the engine has fired on the first engine revolution every time, without choke. After it warms up a little, it runs sooo beautifully!

So if you have a vehicle that is NOT the daily driver and does a lot of sitting around unused, I would certainly recommend the same treatment.

Fairmile Restorations panels

I have just received an email from Iain McKenzie of Fairmile Restorations in the UK which said: "Yes your parts are ready and waiting to go. I'll clean them up and pack them up today when I go in for sending out on Monday."

Yahhooo! Bugly's restoration has just been ticking over while I have been waiting for these bits. I guess the up-side of the delay is that it has given me time to ensure that the mechanicals are all ok though.

Monday, November 1, 2010

NOT a Morris JB front badge!!

There is at present advertised on eBay UK item number 130449980833 by "inconspicuous-ian" of what is purported to be a Morris JB van front badge. Be careful if you are considering buying this badge, as it is NOT a Morris JB front badge! The correct JB van front badge is shown below. I contacted the seller to point out my concerns about the badge, but his response (shown on the listed site) was that it had simply flattened slightly in the post. BEWARE!!!