Saturday, December 18, 2010

The new rear wings

My earlier post said that I was disappointed in the finish in the manufacture of the new wings. Here are some photos taken of one of the wings, which shows the finish. In the grinding of the welds, Iain was rather heavy-handed, leaving severe grinding marks in the panel surface. I consider that the wings are really only about 80% complete, as each wing now requires substantial additional work to fill all of the welds and grinding marks. The wings were made in five sections, each having two outer facing pieces, one curved top section, and two end pieces to extend the top section.

Firstly the outside view ...

... and the inside view ...

... and the weld to the two outer facing pieces ...

... and the two pieces to extend the top section:


  1. Hi I'm looking to buy a Morris J-type,any ideas,would be perfect for me in my old age with my pre-war MG.

  2. They're now as rare as what the old proverbial rocking horse left on the ground, Bob. Can't help you with that one, unless to wish you "good luck in your quest!"