Thursday, January 13, 2011

Panel steel for Bugly

I have been spending a bit of time lately studying the various choices in panel steel suitable for the panel repair work on Bugly. I have decided to use zincanneal, so next Saturday I will be picking up a 2440x1220 sheet of zincanneal in 1.15mm thickness.

Zincanneal is a Bluescope Steel trademark, and is a variant of galvanised steel, still being treated by the conventional hot dip galvanising process. Straight after galvanising, the product is specially heat treated to make an iron/zinc alloy at the surface of the steel. As this steel is reasonably corrosion resistant it is used a lot in automotive body panels. That's apparently why they don't rust as much these days.

Sounds perfect for what I want!


  1. Hi Lou, zinc anneal was used on the late model Mokes (1980-82). It certainly helps their rust resistance. I think you need to be careful with paint primer (the Mokes are notorious for their paint falling off) and its a little bit trickier to weld. The zinc burns and gives off white smoky ash that is toxic. Apart from that it seems like a good choice, especially for the really vulnerable areas.

    Thats a big sheet of steel!

  2. Thanks Tim, your comments are valued.

    I may have to prime with an etch primer, but that's OK. I would have preferred a smaller sheet size, but stock 2440x1220 is all they carry in Darwin. Never mind, there'll be enough left over for the Dennis fire truck, some toolboxes, and a host of other bits and pieces!

    I'm at present making up a sheet metal folder to help me with the sheet work.