Sunday, March 6, 2011

No progress for a while

I have made no progress on Bugly for a while. Instead, I have been working on Dennis, the F1 fire engine ... check out the Dennis blog!

I HAVE been starting Bugly up every weekend though, and giving the engine a little run. I am really waiting on Darwin's wet season to finish, so I can paint HOWD the Toyota Hilux ute. I just can't paint HOWD yet with the wet and the humidity. HOWD is taking up valuable space in the garage, and stops me moving Bugly into the prime spot for the panel work required. Not long now though, the wet season should finish in April. We have had a record rainfall this season, with over 2.5 metres of rain mainly from October/November, so is a LOT of water. Mid February saw Tropical Cyclone Carlos over Darwin ... it was only a Category 1 cyclone, so not very windy but a lot of rain fell ... about 750mm from this alone.

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  1. It is a basic excuse, just so long as you promise not to forget the JB!