Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bugly is off on another adventure!

Well ... as you can see, it is over twelve months since I updated this blog. This was simply because I hadn't done any more to Bugly to advance the restoration. BUT ... I did see on various forums both in Australia and the UK a request from a person in Sydney Australia wanting to buy a Morris J Van. I replied to this request a little over two weeks ago, and an agreement was reached. Bugly is all packed up, and tomorrow will start the first leg of a trip back to New South Wales. I say 'back to New South Wales' as this is where she was built in 1959, before moving interstate at various times to Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. And Bugly's future? Bugly is going to be professionally restored, and will play a leading role in a major advertising campaign. I can say no more, except that in her new role, Bugly will be appreciated by many many thousands of people. Good luck Bugly, we really will miss you. I will post photos of Bugly in her new guise back on this site from time to time.


  1. Please keep us updated with the vans progress if you can. Will the new owner be doing a blog/web site?
    Will you be keeping in touch with the rest of us, the J nuts?

  2. Hi Morris Man - the new owner will definitely be showing off the new-look Bugly whether it be online, or at public functions and displays. We will toast the new Bugly with a glass and a half of good cheer! (whoops ... did I really say that?)

  3. blimey, mate, what a wrench that will be. You must be very proud to have got Bugly to this point!

  4. Good lord! Was that your van?!? I don't believe it!

    I can only hope they crossed your palm with a great deal of gold.

    (Someone cashed up pratt in a convertible Audi offered to buy my van. I said "It's not for sale". The smart arse guy said "Everything is for sale".

    Not my van, I thought, as I blew a raspberry in his face. )

    Good luck with your other projects, I think it looks great as the Cadbury Van, a credit to you!